Blackfriars Pier

About Blackfriars Pier

Blackfriars Pier is located on the North shore of the River Thames between Blackfriars Railway & Road Bridges & the Millennium Footbridge.

The pier is just a short walk from a number of sights including St. Paul’s Cathedral & via the Millennium Footbridge, Tate Modern & the Globe Theatre.


Blackfriars Pier, White Lion Hill, London, EC4V 3DB

 Blackfriars Pier

Near Blackfriars Pier

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge, Bankside
The Millennium Bridge links Bankside on the South Shore to the City of London on the North. The bridge opened in June 2000 & gained its nickname the “Wobbly Bridge” after an unexpected swaying motion caused it to close. After almost two years of modification the bridge re-opened.
St. Paul's Cathedral, Ludgate Hill

St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and construction started in 1675. Construction took 35 years and the finished cathedral boasts the second largest cathedral dome in the world.

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