Westminster Millennium Pier

About Westminster Pier

Westminster Pier is located on the North shore of the River Thames in the City of Westminster. The pier is a short walk from the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), Westminster Abbey & St. Margaret’s Church (A UNESCO World Heritage Site). Numerous museums & landmarks are within walking distance of Westminster Pier including the Banqueting House, Household Cavalry Museum, the National Gallery & the London Eye.

 Westminster Millennium Pier Location

Transport for London River Services Logo Daytime Cruises from Westminster Pier

Thames River Sightseeing operate regular cruises between Westminster Pier, St. Katharine Pier & Greenwich Pier. Between April-October Thames River Services also operate extra services with five sailings continuing downriver to the Thames Flood Barrier each day.

Travel between the City of Westminster, City of London & the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Between April & October you can extend your cruise and travel through the Thames Flood Barrier.

Book at 2 Day Riverpass & enjoy unlimited travel between 6 piers on both Thames River Sightseeing Routes.

* Cruises to the Thames Flood Barrier will only operate between 1st April 2019 – 27th October 2019 inclusive.

The last boat to the Thames Barrier departs Westminster Pier at 14:30, St. Katharine Pier at 14:50 & Greenwich Pier at 15:30.

The Thames Barrier Cruise is a 1-Hour round trip with no stops. Pre-booked groups can arrange to be dropped off or collected from Barrier Gardens Pier near the Thames Barrier Information Centre.

Thames River Boats (WPSA)

Cruise to Kew Pier, Richmond Landing Stage & Hampton Court Landing Stage

Cruises from Westminster Pier to Kew Pier, Richmond Landing Stage & Hampton Court Landing Stage are operated by Thames River Boats & can be booked at the Thames River Boats ticket office at each location.

Thames River Boats (WPSA) operate regular cruises between Westminster Pier, Kew Pier, Richmond Landing Stage & Hampton Court Landing Stage between April – October. Due to tidal constraints in the upper reaches the timetable varies from day to day. The latest sailings can be found online at the Thames River Boats Website.

Evening Cruises from Westminster Pier

Available Cruises

Near Westminster Pier**

New Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)St. Stephens Hall, New Palace of Westminster

About the New Palace of Westminster

Known as the ‘Houses of Parliament’, the new palace was built between 1840-1870 after the original palace was damaged during a fire. The palace is the home of UK Parliament & the iconic Elizabeth Tower (known as Big Ben).

  • Guided tours available in multiple languages.
  • Self-guided tours with a multimedia guide.
  • Tours with afternoon tea overlooking the River Thames.
  • Special exhibitions in Westminster Hall.
  • Special talks & guided tours.
  • Refreshments available in the Jubilee cafe.

Walking Distance  1 Min / 279 Feet

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The Jewel Tower, City of Westminster
About the Jewel Tower

The Jewel Tower is one of the last remaining structures from the Medieval Palace of Westminster. The Tower was built by Henry Yevele between 1365-1366 for King Edward III & originally served as a store for precious items including silver plate. After much of the medieval palace was destroyed by a fire in 1834 the Jewel Tower became a records office for the House of Lords. In 1869 it became a testing office for the Board of Trade Standards Department (More commonly known as Weights and Measures).

  • One of the last remaining buildings from the Medieval Palace of Westminster.
  • Light refreshments available at the Jewel Tower Cafe.
Walking Distance  3 Min / 660 Feet
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County Hall
About County Hall
County Hall was designed by the architect Ralph Knott & opened by King George V in 1922. The building served as the headquarters for the London County Council & then the Greater London Council. Today County Hall is home to the Sea Life London Aquarium, London Dungeon, Namco Arcade, hotels, restaurants, private apartments & conference & event spaces.
  • Sea Life London Aquarium
  • The London Dungeon
  • Shrek’s Adventure!
  • Namco Funscape Arcade
  • Agatha Christie’s Witness For The Prosecution (performed in the County Hall Court Room)
Walking Distance  5 Min / 0.2 Miles (Via Westminster Bridge)

The Supreme Court, City of Westminster

About The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was formally established on the 1st October 2009 & is the highest court in the United Kingdom. The court hears appeals for civil cases in the United Kingdom & criminal cases in England, Wales & Northern Ireland. The Supreme Court sits in the Middlesex Guildhall, an art nouveau gothic style building designed by J. S Gibson & completed in 1913.

  • Guided tours led by a member of the court staff.
  • Permanent & temporary exhibitions on the lower ground floor.
  • Refreshments available at the Supreme Court Café.
  • Purchase souvenirs & gifts from the Supreme Court Shop.

Walking Distance  6 Min / 0.3 Miles

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London Eye, Waterloo
About the London Eye

At 135 metres tall the London Eye is the worlds largest cantilevered observation wheel. The London Eye was designed by Marks Barfield Architects & launched in 2000 as a temporary attraction. The London Eye has quickly become one of the most popular paid attractions in the world carrying over 3.5 million visitors each year. On a clear day visibility is up to 40km allowing views of Windsor Castle & the Queen Elizabeth II bridge at Dartford.

  • See London from a unique perspective.
Walking Distance  7 Min / 0.3 Miles (Via Westminster Bridge)
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About St. Margaret’s Church

St. Margaret’s Church is dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch & is the third church to stand on the site. The original St. Margaret’s Church was built by the Benedictine Monks of Westminster Abbey in the 11th Century. The Rule of St. Benedict required the monks to sing the Divine Office at set times each day. The creation of a smaller church next to the Abbey allowed the people of Westminster to worship without disturbing the monks.

The current St. Margaret’s Church was designed by Robert Stowell & work started in 1482. The church was finally consecrated on the 9th April 1523 & remains almost unchanged today. St. Margaret’s Church is now governed by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster & can be visited free of charge.

  • Refreshments are available at Westminster Abbey’s Cellarium Café.
  • Purchase souvenirs & gifts at the Westminster Abbey Shop.
Walking Distance  7 Min / 0.3 Miles
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Westminster Abbey
About Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey was built by King Edward (later to become St. Edward the Confessor) on the site of a Benedictine Monastery on Thorn Ey (Thorn Island) in Westminster. King Edward’s Abbey was consecrated on the 28th December 1065 however Edward was unable to attend the consecration due to illness, he died just days later sparking a succession crisis which intimately led to the Norman Conquest of England. William the Conqueror was coronated King William I on Christmas Day in 1066 & every coronation has taken place at Westminster Abbey since.

King Edward’s abbey stood for over two centuries until King Henry III started to rebuild the abbey in a Gothic style. Henry’s abbey was consecrated on the 13th October 1269 & still stands today. Westminster Abbey is the resting place of 17 monarchs & a number of poets, musicians, scientists and politicians.

  • Explore King Henry VII’s Lady Chapel.
  • Visit the Queens Diamond Jubilee Galleries.
  • Visit the college garden (open on select days each week).
  • Refreshments are available at the Cellarium Café.
  • Purchase souvenirs & gifts at the Westminster Abbey Shop.
Walking Distance  7 Min / 0.3 Miles
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The Banqueting House, WhitehallThe Banqueting House, Whitehall Sir Peter Paul Rubens Ceiling at The Banqueting House

About the Banqueting House

The Banqueting House is the last remaining building from Whitehall Palace, home to a magnificent ceiling painted by Sir Peter Paul Rubens & the execution site of King Charles I. The building was designed by Inigo Jones in the Palladian style for King James I & was completed in 1622.

  • One of the last remaining buildings from Henry VIII’s Whitehall Palace.
  • The execution site of King Charles I.
  • Peter Paul Rubens magnificent ceiling murals.

Walking Distance  7 Min / 0.4 Miles

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View from the Blue Bridge, St. James Park
About St. James Park

St. James Park is London’s oldest royal park & is surrounded by three royal palaces, the Palace of Westminster, St. James Palace & Buckingham Palace. In 1536 the royal court was based at the Palace of Westminster & King Henry VIII purchased land at St. James to build St. James Palace & a new deer park. After his accession to the throne in 1603 James I had the park drained, landscaped & filled with exotic animals including camels, crocodiles, birds & an elephant.

St. James Park underwent further alterations when Charles II opened it to the public & had it re-landscaped in a more formal style with a large canal. St. James Park saw another makeover in the 1820’s when the Prince Regent (later to become George IV) commissioned the architect & landscaper John Nash to give the park a more natural look. The canal was shaped into a lake & an iron bridge was built offering excellent views across the lake. The current bridge (The Blue Bridge) was built in 1957 & is the third bridge to span St. James Park Lake.

  • Take in the view of Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade & the London Eye from the Blue Bridge.
  • Learn more about the park on a walking tour (available on select dates).
  • See the parks resident pelicans at feeding time.
  • Refreshments available at St. James Café.
Walking Distance  8 Min / 0.3 Miles
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Florence Nightingale Museum
About the Florence Nightingale Museum

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer of modern nursing & a social reformer, she became known as the Lady with the Lamp after her night rounds tending to wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. The Florence Nightingale Museum is situated at St. Thomas Hospital on the site of Florence Nightingale’s Training School & celebrates the life & work of Florence Nightingale through collections of over 3000 objects.

  • Learn about Florence Nightingale’s life & achievements.
  • Highlight Tours of the museums collections.
  • Walking tours following in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale.
  • Souvenirs available in the museum shop.
Walking Distance  8 Min / 0.4 Miles
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Cleopatra's Needle, Victoria Embankment

About Cleopatra’s Needle

Cleopatra’s Needle was erected in Heliopolis around 1450 BC. The needle was already over 1,300 years old when Cleopatra became Queen. The needle was presented to the United Kingdom in 1818 to commemorate British military victories at the Battle of the Nile & Battle of Alexandria but it was not moved to London until 1877.

Walking Distance  10 Min / 0,5 Miles

The Savoy Hotel, Victoria Embankment

About the Savoy Hotel

The Savoy Hotel was built by Richard D’Oyly Carte & opened in 1889. The Savoy proved popular with tourists & was the first hotel in Britain to utilise electric lifts & be lit entirely by electric lighting. The Savoy boasts numerous bars & restaurants & is adjacent to the Savoy Theatre.

Walking Distance  15 Min / 0.7 Miles

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Garden Museum

About the Garden Museum

Walking Distance  13 Min / 0.6 Miles

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Wheatfield with Crows, 1890 by Vincent Van Gogh

About the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

Walking Distance  15 Min / 0.8 Miles

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The Savoy Hotel, Victoria Embankment

About Somerset House

Somerset House was designed by William Chambers & completed 1801. The house has been home to the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal Society, the General Register Office & the Inland Revenue. Today Somerset House is open to the public and regularly hosts concerts & other public events.

Walking Distance  16 Min / 0.8 Miles

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Buckingham Palace

About Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the home of the Monarch since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. Originally built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham the house was purchased by King George III as a private residence for his wife, Queen Charlotte. The palace has seen numerous alterations including King George IV’s magnificent staterooms (designed by John Nash) & the fourth wing (designed by Edward Blore) commissioned by Queen Victoria to create extra space to house her growing family.

  • Visit the Queens Gallery & view exhibitions of paintings, furniture & other items from the Royal Collection.
  • Explore the Royal Mews, learn about the travel arrangements of the Royal Household & see a number of elegant state coaches.
  • Tour the magnificent State Rooms for 10 weeks during the summer months & selected dates during Winter & Spring.

Walking Distance  18 Min / 0.9 Miles

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Tate Britain
About the Tate Britain

In 1889 the sugar merchant Henry Tate offered the government his collection of 65 British paintings to be displayed to the public. Due to a lack of space for British art at the National Gallery Tate provided £80,000 to build the National Gallery of British Art. The new gallery was designed by the architect Sidney R. J. Smith & built on the site of the old Millbank penitentiary. The gallery opened in 1897 with 245 works of art in eight galleries & quickly became known as the Tate Gallery. The gallery officially became known as the Tate Gallery in 1932 & then the Tate Britain in 2000 after the opening of the Tate Modern inside the old Bankside power station. The Tate Britain displays over 700 artworks, is free to visit & also has the Djanogly Café, Rex Whistler Restaurant & a wide range of exhibitions & events take place throughout the year (some exhibitions charge an entry fee).

Walking Distance  18 Min / 0.9 Miles
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HQS Wellington

About HQS Wellington

HQS Wellington is a Grimsby Class Sloop launched in 1934. She escorted convoys in the North Atlantic throughout the Second World War. She is now permanently moored on Victoria Embankment and is the livery hall of the Honorable Company of Master Mariners.

Walking Distance  19 Min / 1 Mile

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